Meet CHINT at the 22nd CIIF: smart energy innovative application

From September 15 to 19, the 22nd China International Industry Expo (CIIF) grandly launched in The National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). More than 2200 exhibitors worldwide gathered to show the confidence and vitality of industrial enterprises for future development.

With the theme of "Smart Energy for New Infrastructure", CHINT has presented one-stop smart energy solutions for 5G base stations, application solutions for data center room power distribution system, charging pile system, panoramic sunroof of automobile solar energy, attracting industry experts, customers, media poured in.

The results of innovation surging forward

In CHINT's smart new infrastructure booth, the 5G base stations, with one-stop wisdom energy solutions of energy storage, PV, power distribution, is capable to solve the problem of power supply shortage, and maximize the economic benefits of distributed energy and energy saving technologies for customers.

CHINT is also able to provide complete electrical system solutions for charging piles (stations) and EPC services for customers, with the business model of "IoT + service network + data network" superposed by three networks.

The application of innovation taking root

Smart applications based on "CHINT Cloud" can be found everywhere on CIIF. At the big data monitoring and decision making platform, delegates can directly touch the data of key indicators in different organizational structures, and vividly feel the efficient operation of digital workshop and intelligent factory.

In "smart power" monitoring platform, it's easily to get real-time operation status, fault early warning, intelligent troubleshooting online, so that the distribution line switching operation time, non-fault area restore power supply time and fault treatment time can be greatly shortened, with the efficiency and labor costs improved.

The power of innovation growing

On site, the new model of smart energy efficiency attracted many guests. Through integrated design of the whole-process energy efficiency mode, real-time monitoring and data analysis are carried out on the operation status of equipment systems related to power supply, water supply, gas supply and heat supply. Also, it's used to manage and control the whole process of energy generation, distribution, conversion and consumption, so as to build a new mode of integrated intelligent energy operation and maintenance service.

The effect of innovation emerging

Can you imagine that more than 300,000 household photovoltaic systems can realize 24-hour real-time intelligent monitoring through the "Taiji PV Cloud" APP in hand, so as to ensure the healthy operation of the power station? The Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data and other technologies make everything possible.

Supported by industrial internet platform, based on various market demand, integrated with manufacturing and industrial internet, CHINT will promote key breakthrough and smart update to industrial application. Through multi-level power and industrial linkage, we strive to create new advantages and new models for smart energy service applications and leverage new infrastructure opportunities for a new future.




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