Steady and orderly: one day of CHINT to fully ensure production

Since March, prevention and control of COVID19 has made great progress step by step in China. Factories and manufacturers in various regions have successively opened the "restart button".

As the first unblocked city in Hubei Province on March 13, Qianjiang has removed traffic controls and orderly resumed production. Following this, Huangshi, Jingzhou, Xiaogan and other cities of Hubei have been unlocked. The normal order of production and life was restored. The joy of being finally released after this great depression is a very special emotion, unprecedented and very moving.

CHINT offices in Songjiang, Hangzhou and Wenzhou have implemented rigorous prevention and control measures in the early outbreak. By the end of February, most of the industries have orderly and smoothly resumed production. Whether it is 24-hour online company at any time or offline orderly busy in production lines, factories, logistics and office areas, CHINT has always spared no effort to maintain the safety of employees and ensure the delivery of orders. Up to now, 90.94% front-line employees of CHINT Electric have been on duty, and the recovery rate reached 114.24%. 

8:00, Songjiang industrial park, Shanghai

Like normal days before, it's not easy to find a parking space in CHINT Songjiang campus even at 8a.m. Temperature detection, health report and epidemic prevention tips are indispensable and everywhere from the staff dormitory to the office building. Disinfectant water, semen, medical masks and other epidemic prevention supplies can be easily found in the office area. We walk up and down by stairs, wear masks in the office, use online apps when hold a meeting and sit apart at lunch. We keep our peers and ourselves healthy and safe.

10:00, Hangzhou Office Area

A group of anti-epidemic volunteers is active in the park, guiding the staff at the entrance during the peak hours. At other times, they are running on different floors, through various corners of the park to ensure the anti-epidemic safety of colleagues. They walked past each office and recorded the temperatures on a regular basis; they helped disinfect and distribute supplies of masks...Thank you! Lovely and honorable volunteers!

12:00, Lunch Time

Every lunch hour, you can see this kind of scene: staff goes in and out in batches for lunch every 20 minutes from 11 o'clock. Orderly and  peak clipping, we're separated by one table and one meter away from others. Temperature should be taken before entering the canteen; one meter distance at least when queuing to get the dishes; canteen staff were "armed to the teeth" to maintain health. Every details reveals the safety of every meal for everyone.

13:00, Wenzhou Factory

In CHINT intelligent manufacturing digital workshop of Wenzhou, the staff is also in an orderly way busy on the assembly line. Relying on CHINT IIoT, advantages of the workshop are fully demonstrated. These hardcore technologies has a solid capability by integrating R&D, manufacturing, quality control, logistics and warehousing in an orderly manner without fear of epidemic.

15:00, International Logistics Dept.

The daily work of international logistics platform is another busy scene. Due to the outbreak, the platform worked day and night to ensure order delivery. Now the tasks of medical supplies donation to global partners around the world fell on the shoulder of them. In daily work, they need to confirm medical supplier purchase and delivery to check if arrived at the port for customs clearance and picked up for storage. Inventory of goods to be picked up the next day were also needed to be finish during a starrynight job time.

17:00, Time to get off work

Daily health punch report is an essential since the resumption of work. At the end of the day's work, each staff will voluntarily open the app to take temperature, inquire about the status of family members, and complete the report. Bits and pieces of information were gathered into the daily big data statistics. In this way, CHINT carefully pays attention to all the details of health and safety to protect every staff every day.




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Chint Trade Event
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CHINT, "Turn on the Love"
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