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Sunlight: Innovation Challenge at COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented challenges globally on many aspects. Food insecurity is real in Singapore. At the height of 'circuit breaker' measure (CBM), many fast track work need to be carried out for important infrastructure, such as Jurong Port to meet demand of storage of reefer container from overseas supply. SUNLIGHT Electrical, a CHINT company is humbled to provide switchboards to distribute electrical energy.

To be ready with the infrastructure, electrical switchboards to distribute energy within the new area in the port is vital and needed to be delivered and installed in the shortest time ever. SUNLIGHT, a bespoke name for switchboardswith 50 years' experience is able to provide many switchboards within the stipulated time.

Many countries are faced with lockdown, getting supplies with commitment to meet stringent delivery time was not easy; especially for raw material of copper and steel, assorted components such as circuit breakers.

Beyond engineering competence, SUNLIGHT is able to harness IT and logistic from reputable suppliers whom can meet the stringent requirement and reliability.

Besides man-hour saving at site, remote FAT allows complying to regulations of no travel to avoid risks of contracting potential virus. The learning allows for further innovation to develop PPVC and expended use of digital IT.

SUNLIGHT is humbled to be selected by established partner M/s Visionic Engineering for this urgent project and given the opportunity to work with innovation and strong collaboration.

Digital IT and PPVC were applied to ensure quality is not compromised on other necessity, mainly time element. Remote FAT connecting to SUNLIGHT Singapore, SUNLIGHT Vietnam, Consultant, Contractor, LEW, and Owner; using IT networks and gadgets allowed the FAT to be carried out on time. Purpose built frames, enable the modular switchboards to be pre-assembled and pre-fabricated as complete switchboards, eliminating the need of conventional site assembly work. Meeting this challenge during the height of high COVID-19 infection, would easily reduce 6 man-day for the Contractor.




CHINT T&D continuously create value in mining and metallurgical
CHINT T&D continuously create value in mining and metallurgical
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Turning crises into opportunities: Saudi order winning
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