SUNLIGHT Signed MoU with SIT/SP to Benefit Students & Industries


CHINT is a world famous smart energy solution provider in China and globally. Together, with the wholly-own Sunlight Electrical Pte Ltd, has signed a MoU with Singapore Polytechnic (SP) and Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) respectively.


The start of close collaboration is aim to focus on the training and development of green technology and increasing productivity in different engineering fields. The five-year partnership will allow the parties to jointly set up technology and training centers, provide equipment, train staff and provide students with internship, both local and overseas.


CHINT with the development of globalization strategy has established the CHINT Global College (known as ETC) in January this year. Amongst those attended the inauguration were representatives from Singapore Institute of Technology and Temasek Polytechnic. ETC stands for "Electricity", "Training" and "College“ with a challenging goal of continuous learning, pursuit of excellence and unlimited potential. In Latin, ETC is known as infinite possibilities.

The MoU signed is beyond engineering and will look into other soft skillsets of business management, software development, marketing, sales and human capital.


To begin with, internships for local and overseas have been offered, book prize to be implemented and living laboratory to be set up. SP is immediately looking at setting up facilities to provide training to full time students and life-long learning for licensed electrical workforce. Furthermore, the collaboration will provide SIT students with internship opportunities in China and Singapore.


Looking ahead will be joint development of technologies to support reliable supply of energy and smooth production flow, like smart switchgear and distribution boards that make smart cities.


Wang Guorong, director and CEO of CHINT Electrics pointed out that: “Everyone must have commitment to keep learning and reflecting with the objective to provide better service to their clients. We need to connect more with others and grow together.” CHINT engineers will work with the staff and students of MoU partners to gain new perspectives through sharing and exchange of knowledge and ideas.

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