The Lowest Altitude Hotel in the World Get Ready for the Opening

The lowest altitude hotel in the world Get ready for the opening!

Shanghai, Nov.15 - InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland held a press conference to announce its opening. The 88-metre-deep hotel, clinging to a cliff in a quarry, has been named one of the world's top 10 architectural wonders along with Dubai’s Burj AI Arab Hotel.


When Shimao Group who has successfully built landmarks in more than 10 cities all over the world decided to build a five-star hotel in the abandoned quarry of Sheshan Mountain in 2006, the world's lowest altitude hotel has attracted numerous people's attention and got a nickname, "deep chasm hotel".

Twelve years later, the deep chasm hotel which is has been widely anticipated still holds the veil to cover its face from the public. The opening date has already been changed many times; why is the construction taking so long? Well, because it is extremely difficult to build such type of hotel!

The complexity of the project, including the sophisticated details of the design drawing, the various difficulties faced during the construction process and the strict requirements of equipment has made a history in architecture. Now, after overcoming different obstacles and impediments, the hotel underground, Shanghai's new landmark has finally been unveiled.

In the process of construction, Shimao Group not only implemented the highest standard requirements, but has also carried out a very strict quality control of its partners. As the power distribution equipment supplier of the hotel, CHINT electric participated in the construction of this special building with a full set of low-voltage power distribution equipment. Located below the horizon, the environment of the hotel is very special, which means the requirement of the reliability and security of power distribution operation is very high. CHINT bears the burden of the electrical technology design, manufacturing and equipment installation. After adopting a multi-process special anticorrosive treatment in the process, CHINT has improved the anticorrosive performance of equipment by more than 50%. By means of many technical innovation design and simulation analysis, CHINT also optimized the structure of the equipment to ensure that the equipment has a level 9 seismic capacity.

At present, all the equipment in the hotel has been in operation smoothly and will provide power safety for tourists from all over the world.

CHINT is committed to providing the world with safe, reliable and stable electrical equipment and clean energy solutions. After more than 30 years of growth, CHINT has evolved from Asia's largest LV apparatus supplier to lead global electrical equipment as well as an integrated supplier with various fields of expertise ranging from power generation, storage, transmission, transformation, distribution to terminal consumption.

First Order Victory -- CHINT Transformer Has Been Successfully Connected to the Power Grid of Egypt
First Order Victory -- CHINT Transformer Has Been Successfully Connected to the Power Grid of Egypt
Nan Cunhui, the \\\"Pioneer of Reform\\\"
Nan Cunhui, the \\\"Pioneer of Reform\\\"
Chinese Counselor in Egypt Wang Yi Visiting CHINT Factory in Egypt
Chinese Counselor in Egypt Wang Yi Visiting CHINT Factory in Egypt
CHINT Was Endowed with BHP Significant Contribution Supplier
CHINT Was Endowed with BHP Significant Contribution Supplier
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