Turning crises into opportunities: Saudi order winning

The year 2020 saw a challenge but remarkable journey. CHINT Middle East market, where global sales team is working hard, welcomed a major project breakthrough in Saudi Arabia, the State Grid smart meter project with MCCB after three years' continuous follow-up. The target product involved is the motor-integrated circuit breaker developed independently by CHINT, with the accumulative quantity of more than 100,000 and the amount of over $10mn.

United as one, we have one faith for win

The project of circuit breakers for smart meters was complex and involved a large number of end users. Due to the special climate of Saudi Arabia, the performance of circuit breakers not only need to meet the IEC standards and the setting temperature of 55℃, but also they needed to adopt the down-feed mode, especially it's strictly in the dimension change. Meanwhile, the project also encountered challenges of four upgrades of the product and difficulties in the project bidding negotiations.

The advantages of close cooperation and resource sharing in global business units of CHINT Global fully emerged. Within three years, our sales team, R&D team and PM worked round-the-clock in an iron triangle way. Centering on customer demand, we timely calibrated technical solutions and tried and summarized for months. Everyone was doing his best. Finally, we won the project through brand strength, R&D ability and customer response, as well as the perfect team cooperation of the company.

In the potential market, we determine to get steady growth

A good fighter is good at drawing on his strength. Behind the landmark order, it's the deep ploughing for more than a decade that matters. Since the first MCB entrance in the Saudi market in 2005, CHINT Global has been developing locally in Saudi Arabia for 15 years.

With high qualification and precision marketing, CHINT has successively completed a number of grid connection of products for key ministries, agencies, design institutes. Step by step, we won impressive Chinese EPC projects from Saudi Electricity Authority, Saudi Housing Ministry, Saudi Interior Ministry and Saudi Aramco, laying a solid foundation for future business development in local market.

The smart electricity meter project is one of the key projects of energy conservation and emission reduction and an important part of the smart grid, smart city construction in Saudi Arabia, empowering the implementation of the energy conservation and emission reduction goals of "Vision 2030". The project includes the deployment and installation of 5mn smart meters, head end systems and supporting terminals in the southwest of Saudi Arabia, which will be built by CLP as EPC and planned to be put into operation in 2021.

CHINT's successful winning of the project can be regarded as the epitome of turning the tide under the special period. For CHINT, which has been strengthening its global strategic and cultivating the Belt and Road initiative, this is not only the largest single project that the company has won overseas so far, but also we rank the key supplier list of the State Grid, and open a larger market development space. It has a great positive role in shaping the brand image of Chinese industrial electric enterprise and promoting "CHINT Manufacturing".



CHINT empower Saudi fighting against COVID-19 and power sector​
CHINT empower Saudi fighting against COVID-19 and power sector​
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