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What CHINT will do to promote global business in post-epidemic

The seminar on the Belt and Road construction and the way to win during the post-epidemic period, organized by BRICC, was held in Shanghai, on the afternoon of Sept. 11. Sun Yongfu, Former Director-general of the European Devision of the Ministry of Commerce, Deng Zhixiong, Former Director of SASAC Planning and Development Bureau, Xie Yangjun, Director of BRICC and other leaders attended the seminar. Lily Zhang, VP of Zhejiang CHINT Electrics was invited to discuss new exploration and practice of the Belt and Road international cooperation in the post-epidemic period.

The global spread of COVID-19 is having an negative impact on the global economy. In the face of external uncertainties and challenges, it is crucial for global business to take a long-term perspective on the opportunities presented by the post-COVID-19 economic revival. In the round table session, Lily Zhang shared the opportunities and challenges of CHINT's global business performance under the epidemic, together with the senior executives from CRSC, Sinotrans (HK) Logistics Limited and Shanghai Foreign Service Group, etc.

Lily shared that as a national strategy, the Belt and Road brings huge market potential and opportunities. It provides a platform for the country, with state-owned enterprises taking the lead and private enterprises joining hands together. Under the Initiative, CHINT firmly insists on exploring global business for more than 2 decades. From components supplier to integrated solutions provider, from products and services export to investment and acquisition and global localization layout, CHINT walk very firmly along the way, with global influence of the brand constantly improving.

In 2020, the epidemic poses challenges and a lot of external uncertainties, but good fighters and explorers can make the best use of these. Relying on the headquarters supply chain advantage, regional linkage advantage and the operation and marketing network all over the world, CHINT's global business still achieved steady growth in the first half year. Most of CHINT's global subsidiaries have maintained double-digit performance growth in the face of the epidemic. Five overseas factories are in healthy operation with stable production capacity and excellent performance.

At present, the "going out" strategy of state-owned enterprises is deeply localized, with one tailored policy for one country, which is also consistent with CHINT's globalization strategy. With the continuous iteration of CHINT's global business model, we will pay attention to the investment and financing projects of the EPC and the government, and continue to deepen the layout of overseas localization strategy. Meanwhile, we constantly maintain a sense of empathy, integrate multiple cultural differences, and build a harmonious but different global business model.



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Heading to Pakistan, a 30-year new journey of CHINT transformers
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Sunlight: Innovation Challenge at COVID-19 Pandemic
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Through thick and thin: CHINT donated masks to Nigeria
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