Global IEC experts visited CHINT, one of the 9 designated routes

As one of the visiting routes officially designated by the 83rd IEC General Meeting, CHINT welcomed global IEC experts from international industry, academia, governments and utilities on October 24th.

The 83rd IEC General Meeting was held in Shanghai from October 14-25. As a major event in the field of world standards, the Meeting, focusing on Better Quality, Better Life, attracted more than 3,800 experts from more than 100 countries to exchange in-depth on technical standards. It's the third time for the Meeting been held in China.

China formally joined the IEC in August, 1957 and became a permanent member in 2011 and a permanent member of the IEC governing board, reflecting China's influence in the international standards organization. IEC is increasingly absorbing the essence of Chinese standard technology. Through this international stage, China has more opportunities to show its standard wisdom to the world.

What did IEC experts see in CHINT

More and more domestic electrical and electronic products have been recognized by IEC. The Meeting organized 9 technical visit routes to show the technical power of electric and electronic, as well as to build an exchange platform for enterprise and outstanding standard technical experts worldwide.

CHINT Electric Manufacturing Workshop

During the visit to CHINT Electric Workshop 206 (high voltage switch) and Workshop 108 (high voltage transformer), global experts inspected the production of 126kV~252kV C-GIS, high voltage circuit breaker and isolation switch and manufacturing process of 110kV~750kV power transformer. Eleven new transformer products with international advanced level were born in the Workshop 108 including:

➡ 750kV power transformer, the "power giant" which marked CHINT Electric successfully entered the field of ultra-high voltage, and passed the authoritative certification of KEMA Netherlands;

➡ The maximum capacity 400MVA/500kV single-phase power transformer, the world's first to pass burst short circuit test;

➡ Environmental 40MVA/220kV natural ester insulating oil transformer, which was first successfully developed in China.

The manufacturing process of the new products aroused great interest of experts. They communicated with CHINT technicians on various parameters and technical indicators on site.

220kV natural ester insulated oil transformer

The lightning shock withstand voltage of the high voltage is up to 1050kV, 10% higher than the national standard 950kV. The product comes after 132kV natural ester insulating oil transformer in 2018 by CHINT, refreshing the previous record and taking the lead in completing the R&D and test of 220kV natural ester insulating oil transformer in China.

145kV mobile substation

Mobile substation has a large demand in South America, Chile, Brazil, Africa, Egypt, Ethiopia, Asia, etc. Covering a small area, the substation of CHINT integrates the latest designed HGIS, main transformer and intelligent protection system. It based on IEC61850 intelligent terminal technology and integration intelligent substation technology to achieve a high degree of interaction and automation. The equipment is assembled and monitored by the factory and can be put into operation quickly on site. It has the advantages of full climate operation, high expansibility, free (little) maintenance and so on.

What IEC experts said

As the representative of advanced manufacturing enterprises in G60 S&T Innovation Valley, CHINT has laid a solid foundation and gradually accumulated comprehensive technical strength in the field of power transmission and distribution over years. Various performance indexes of the self-developed products, like 145kV mobile substation, 220kV natural ester insulating oil transformer, KYN28A-12(Z) removable ac metal-enclosed switchgear, NKM6-12 air-insulated ring main unit, NVW2-40.5 intelligent circuit breaker on pillar, NVS-12 intelligent circuit breaker (indoor) and NG7-12(Z) 630-20 ring network cabinet all meet the IEC standards and been widely accepted around the world.

About IEC

IEC, the world's first international standardization organization, is the world recognized international electrical and electronic standards authority. It was formally established on June 26, 1906 in London, England. For more than a century, IEC has become one of the three most authoritative international standards organizations in the world, and has made outstanding contributions to promoting the development of the electrical and electronic industry and improving the quality of products and services. IEC provides technical basis for millions of equipment and systems that enable global trade in electrical and electronic products.

IEC authoritative standards are universally recognized and bring together 86 member states and 87 liaison member states from 173 countries. The six permanent members of the IEC are China, France, Germany, Japan, Britain and the United States. China ranks second in the number of participants in IEC technical committees.

With the advent of the information age, the authority of IEC in the global electrical field has become increasingly prominent. Only through IEC international standards and conformity assessment procedures can commercial companies in most countries of the world produce, buy & sell, trade and cooperate with each other. It can be said that IEC international standards are the passport for trade and investment to go global.


CHINT Meter won the Chinese Patent Award
CHINT Meter won the Chinese Patent Award
CHINT made the list of intelligent manufacturing sector at WIMC
CHINT made the list of intelligent manufacturing sector at WIMC
Gao Yunlong gave thumbs-ups to localization of CHINT Spain
Gao Yunlong gave thumbs-ups to localization of CHINT Spain
CHINT empower the Hunutlu power plant in Turkey
CHINT empower the Hunutlu power plant in Turkey
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